New Technology for the Building Industry – Drones

uavs applications for the construction industry

Human relations are at the heart of engineering and construction, with projects involving many stakeholders.

Process optimization and digital tools can not replace men. Nevertheless, they can improve quality, optimize costs, reduce safety risks and facilitate decision-making.

To achieve these goals, drones are an increasingly attractive option for businesses out there!

Their level of automation makes it possible to reach areas previously inaccessible while processing a large amount of data quickly. However, the range of tasks that drones can perform is much greater.

Many UAV experts have studied all possible applications of drones in the engineering and construction sectors. And for what added value?

Drones can have different forms, offer various levels of control and provide various loading capacities. There are many types of different uses. Drones are equipped with intelligent stabilization systems and can carry sensors with multiple functions. The most common use is undoubtedly capturing images with high-definition videos and ultra-precise photographs.

Drones can also carry many sensors to collect as much information as possible about the places they are flying over, increasing the number of their applications but also the value generated for the company.

What added value can drones bring to engineering and construction companies?

drone operator on a building siteToday, drones are no longer limited to commercial activities and offer many possibilities. The range of potential applications is wide, and drones are disruptive opportunities for companies in the engineering and construction sectors. Thanks to their sensors, they can drastically extend the field of human operations, while increasing the analytical and forecasting capabilities of a company.

These capabilities offer key benefits such as reduced costs, better risk assessment, and improved quality: a real competitive advantage is possible for companies that adopt them.

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Repairing and Replacing your Gutters is Vital for Your Home

a gutter contractor on the job

You’ve heard the adage: ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ The words are usually uttered to prevent unnecessary damage being done to something that already works. It is the tendency of some to avoid getting things fixed because of a desire not to upset the apple cart – to free the head of concerns and worries that might otherwise be forgotten. But some things are overlooked to the disadvantage of those who would pursue a worry free lifestyle.

Replacing gutters is an important project that requires time, effort and money. Irrespective of the investment that you have to put it, it is better to replace an ineffective rainwater draining system with a better one. It will save you money in the long run as your home’s foundations will be protected entirely from the harmful effects of rainwater.

When is gutter replacement necessary?

roofing and guttering go togetherGutter replacement is much needed when breaks, holes, and leakages can be found in your roofing system. These are sometimes difficult to notice, so it is essential for you to scrutinize the system every time you clean it.

Any problems with the gutter fasteners may also require the replacement of the entire system. A system with drain channels that have been misaligned and that are not leveled properly due to damage or other reasons will most likely require replacement.

It is true that most of these issues can be fixed with repairs, but it in most cases repairs is just a temporary solution. You should make some calculations, but usually, routine repairs cost more than a single replacement of the system. At the same time, the new system should provide better protection.

What Are The Best Gutters Currently Available On The Market?

You should choose between traditional open gutters and cover drains first. The first option will usually be cheaper, but then you will have to invest in a gutter mesh system if you do not have one or your old one is not working.

Covered systems, on the other hand, offer active protection from clogging from the start, but they are often harder to clean, to maintain and to repair. Use this roof gutter calculator to prepare for your renovation job.

a gutter diagramRegarding material, the steel and copper models are the sturdiest and most durable. They are the most expensive, but they will last for long. Aluminum models are a good choice because they have excellent protection from rusting. However, they are not as sturdy as their other metal counterparts. Vinyl systems are the least expensive. They are weather resistant and durable, but more prone to damage.

How Much Will It Cost To Replace Gutters?

The prices of gutters range from as little as $5 to as much as $30 per square foot depending on the type and material. You can readily calculate how much you will pay given your chosen type of system, given that a typical house needs between 150 and 250 feet of guttering. The cost of professional installation varies considerably depending on a lot of factors, so you may want to shop around and compare quotes to find the most affordable deal. Check how much you will pay for having the old system removed and the new one installed.

To find the most affordable service in Western Australia, make sure you visit

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China: battle against real estate bubbles

The new boss of the Chinese bank regulator system assured that China wants to tackle property speculation and unregulated finance by clearing the regulatory “chaos” that has fueled the surge of an uncontrollable debt.

The bank’s primary mission should be to “support the real economy,” said Guo Shuqing, chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Authority (CBRA) for three days at a press conference.

“Commercial banks must tackle zombie companies, which are the origin of the problem, and actively explore ways to address debt problems,” he said.

During years, real estate speculation has led to a downward spiral of housing price surge, unplanned construction sites and empty houses in what is known as China’s “ghost cities”. In a 2015’s post, we were already talking about the Chinese housing bubble and its potential burst. 2 years later, the government regulations to cool down the property market seems to show positive results.

Steam cleaners and what they are built for


Cleaning using steam is a relatively new concept in the American market. In a world where chemical cleaning reigns with dominance, it can be hard for some people to change their perspective on what to use when cleaning.

But anyway, steam cleaning is just an innovative way of eliminating dirt and stains without using so much energy or potentially destroying fabric if used on clothes. You are wondering quel nettoyeur vapeur choisir en 2016? Read on.

Steam cleaners and how they work

This machine typically looks like a vacuum cleaner, and its primary purpose is to store vaporised water which can be used for both domestic and industrial cleaning.

This vapour is usually heated to a very high temperature, typically in the zone of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Steam cleaners place emphasis on cleaning using heat because heat has been shown to weaken the molecular bond between dirt and stains about the surface at which they are sticking on.


Mcculloch mc 1375 steamer

The second most important element which is used in steam cleaners is dry steam. Dry steam is achieved by heating water until it has assumed moisture form less steam. With dry steam, the operator can rub, wipe, and scrub with more ease compared to if they used chemicals to tackle the same job.

So, why would someone opt to use steam cleaning compared to traditional techniques of cleaning?

It has been shown that every hard surface has pores which can be used as routes to reach the dirt underneath. Now the good news is that steam is capable of penetrating the pores and reaching the embedded dirt with ease.

You can carry out a test to confirm the effectiveness of steam cleaning at home. In this test, you will use a micro fibre towel for regular cleaning and the machine as well. If you’re going to clean a counter-top for instance, you will wipe half of it with micro fibre towel and the other half with the steam cleaner.

Once the experiment is done, you can touch two surfaces to feel the difference. You will notice that the surface which was cleaned using steam is as smooth as silk compared to that which was cleaned using micro fibre towel. It probably shows that steam can be superior when used for purposes of cleaning.

So, what are the advantages so far?

We mentioned that steam could penetrate deep pores from the surface. But after this penetration, it also weakens the molecular bonds of dirt. It works the dirt molecules more thoroughly to achieve a level of cleanliness that is not possible with chemical cleaning.

And since you’re not using chemicals here, you will make your home safe for anyone who is sensitive to them. You can also help keep toxicity levels down especially if you have kids at home.

And perhaps the best of all is

steam tends to be a natural sanitizer and also deodorant agent. No germs, virus, mould, dust mite or any other tiny living organism can stand the high temperature in steam cleaning.
Also, it can be a great sanitizer if cleaning a home which had previously housed adults or kids with infection. It will render the home infection-free in a matter of minutes. That’s part of the idea when you see someone opting to use a steam cleaner instead of chemicals or any other method of cleaning.

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Gender equality at work: is it getting worst?


Wage inequality and discrimination persist? Is motherhood still perceived as an obstacle to women’s career? Answers.

In 2016, women represented 55% of women in the world. This rate tends to decline since 1990 when it was set at 57%.

79% of women meet today to be free to choose their profession: they consider this acquired right, so it appears as a “non-issue,” the study says. ; the question of the free choice of women in a professional career is still relevant since 8% of respondents still do not have this freedom.

Discrimination at work is still an issue.

gender_equality-symbolMore than one in two (53%) has already felt discriminated against a man, and it is in Latin America that women say they are the most concerned (61%). And it is especially concerning wages that women feel discriminated: 43% of respondents feel that their salary is equal to that of their male colleagues, while 41% say the opposite.

The difference between actually plays Generation X and Generation Y: 52% of X feel they do not earn as much as their male counterparts, whereas only 33% of Y have this perception. “Should we then speak of a certain naivety of Generation Y, arriving there is little in the labour market? Or see evidence that wage differences appear and when you dig through the ranks? “Ask the authors of the study.

One thing is certain: on average in the world, working women have lower incomes from 10 to 30% of men.

Motherhood, always a stop on women’s careers.

More than one in two (52%) feel not knowing the same professional development to that of a man. And this finding holds for all generations and all regions of the world.

Moreover, few are still women to hold senior management: estimated at 24% in Europe, this figure falls to 22% in Latin America and 18% in North America.

One of the reasons? Motherhood, which continues to hold the professional advancement of women. When asked respondents to women who have experienced temporary or permanent cessation of their career what is the reason for the break, 46% of them argue family reasons (maternity, spouse, etc.).

In comparison, 18% of respondents cite an economic reason (attack, dismissal, etc.), 18% personal reasons (need for change, travel, etc.), 11% due to a health reason and 1% financial.
And it is confirmed by the majority of women themselves, which in 63%, see in motherhood hinder their professional career.

However, women respondents remain optimistic over three-quarters of them (76%) believe it is possible to combine work and family life despite the challenges.

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Online Real Estate Estimates Are Worthless If You Don’t Have a Good Agent!

home interior on sale day

Lately we have seen many real estate networks purchasing online estimation tools in order to offer a more comprehensive real estate offer to their visitors!

At first glance, one might say that the estimation tools are a success … I think the contrary, these acquisitions highlight the weaknesses of the model online estimation tools.

I do not know in detail the financial situations of the companies mentioned, but just a simple Google search to find that most online estimation tools have been trying to find new owners for 1 year now.

So, this acquisition raises a lot of questions about the model of online real estate estimation sites.

A model not that good …in my own opinion.

The economic model of real estate websites estimation problem from the beginning. Indeed, these sites have been very successful in generating leads for real estate projects, but do not really have managed to monetize or at least be strong enough to absorb the cash advance that follows.

Let me explain:

open home for sale

Open home for sale

The online estimation tools have a hit to identify real estate projects. Those owners who are not yet ready to sell learn about prices through online simulation. Any bet for estimated sites is to get the owner to follow until he will decide to sell his property.

Except that their model is based on the sharing of the commission, which is a problem! Indeed, a lead generated in January 2013, will perhaps decide to sell in October 2013 and the sale will take place in January 2014 … all the while the estimation website has spent money to acquire the lead, raise the lead … except that the return on investment comes only much later, if it happens one day …

Indeed, beyond the cash aspect, the real challenge is in transforming the lead mandate and sale. This is the crucial stage where the agent makes the difference. Except that this milestone, online estimation sites have until now decided to delegate to external partners (agents immo partners).

This is the weak point of all these sites of online real estate estimates and everyone has been aware of it for some time.

A win for real estate professionals

The model estimation websites takes a hit and the big winners are the networks that buy these websites. In addition to a team and a credit to those networks redeem a great tool to generate internal mandate. And we all know that whoever controls the stock control the market …

These acquisitions are ultimately a victory for realtors showing that make real estate is more than just assessing a price using an algorithm and must be behind the men to do the job!

I think Artemis (and these two officers networks) have a bright future ahead of them, because they just pay for a tool that has the ability to generate leads them a package which provide agents which they often lack: of mandates.

Find more about home prices in the US:

And you, what do you think of this?

How Drones Are Shifting the Game in Real Estate

aerial view of a residential area

The utilisation of drones provides a completely new way of showing off sprawling properties. Using drones in real estate is quickly gaining prominence in many countries around the world. Part of the reason for this development is the fact that drone photography is cheaper compared to the next inexpensive alternative — the use of helicopters. Furthermore, it is easier to implement regarding both planning and logistics.

Undeniably, drone technology provides a tremendous opportunity for businesses in real estate as well as the broader economy. With new models such as the drone DJI Phantom 4 coming to the market, realtors now have plenty of opportunities without having to go pro.

It Is All About the Magical Nature of Aerial Photography

gives you a great angle of vision on the lake behindCurrently, it is believed that most real estate agents are utilising drone without the formal approval of government agencies. A rich industry surely exists of some third parties that work with commercial clients to not only produce but also leverage drone photography.

For sure, using a drone to market residential and commercial real estate might still be in its infancy, at least in many countries. Nevertheless, industry observers are of the opinion that the utilisation of this technology as one of the most efficient competitive tools is almost on the verge of taking off. One of the obvious uses of UAS (unmanned aerial system) or drones is to come up with brand new ways to market properties.

How and Why Drones are being Utilised in Real Estate

For professionals in real estate, drones boast some applications that could enhance different aspects of a business drastically. The use of this technology serves to improve and elevate the ability of real estate professionals to market property listings. Waterfront properties, listings with big acreage, and large properties are some kinds of features that are ideally suited for drone technology. Moreover, using drones is a more cost-efficient and faster method of getting high-quality aerial images compared to traditional methods.

Drones will most likely play a huge role in real estate services like property management, mapping, appraisals, roof inspections, as well as insurance inspections.

Making Drones Accessible

house shot from the entrance

So what is halting the extensive use of drones in real estate amongst realtors and brokers? The main reason that most professionals in real estate are not using UAS is the complicated nature or process of obtaining permission to use the technology. In the United States for example, the FAA continues to work on the integration of drones into the National Airspace System. The authorities do not allow wide-scale commercial utilisation of drones. However, the FAA has come up with some waiver process for businesses and individuals that are interested in utilizing drones for commercial purposes.

Uses of UAS in Real Estate Might Be More Than People Realize

To many people, drones are only popular or handy in military operations/applications. However, for real estate agents, drone photography might show prospective buyers an array of details that include:

  • Surveys
  • Property maps
  • LIDs (Local Improvement Districts) and civic developments that the property taxes of a buyer might contribute to
  • The surrounding and neighbourhood area, comprising of the proximity of a home to amenities
  • Whatever a drive home or children’s walk to their school looks like
  • Encompassing aerial views of an entire land or property
The Affordable Nature of Drones Elevated Imagery

great shots with drones in real estateA good number of real estate agents normally obtain elevated photography through utilising helicopters and aeroplanes — which is highly expensive. It can cost thousands of dollars per every flight. Additionally, it can limit the property numbers one affords to shoot. This is not the case with drones. In fact, UAS can hugely bring down the cost of shooting elevated imageries. Viable models usually begin at just a few hundreds of dollars. What is more, is that camera attachments are equally moderately priced? They enable users to handle their aerial footage on much more listings.

Based on the setup of your equipment, UAS can shoot video, stills, or even both. You can easily edit and share videos using several tools, without vast experience or expertise. All you need is your cool head and a steady hand. Hiring a professional pilot isn’t necessary. Simply put, using drones in real estate is highly affordable.

According to many realtors, currently, they might not be using video drones. Nevertheless, they plan on using them in future. In fact, the use of drones in real estate has a very bright future. There is no doubt about that.

Get Top Designer Furniture For Your Interior!

a design TV area

Discovering designer furniture is, as you will most likely understand, a costly and rather damaging experience sometimes. You will be checking out brands and hoping that they tick the right boxes, while also paying considerable attention to the most recent releases and how you can find the next piece of home furnishings to help you develop and alter the whole thing.

chairs for a trendy interiorIt’s all about discovering quality furniture

Something that is going to last and has the strength and conviction to be utilized time and time again in the future. This look for quality can, as you might envision, take some time.

You always have to think about the ideal sort of furnishings to take a look at, and we believe that the most crucial things to consider along the way will consist of;

– The relevance to the rest of the room. Unless you intend to take the entire thing and make it look completely fresh and distinct, you will seriously have a hard time to discover quality furnishings of a designer level that is really within your rate limit at times
– The quality of the furniture and its products. Does it match with what else is in the space? Has it got nature and design that matches your personality and your most pleasurable additions?
– The price and the overall level of value offered to the purchaser. Are you getting something that you can seem like you have a discovered a good deal on? If not, you might wish to continue looking at other choices!

Ikea, a market leader in the US

working on designing in the workshopOne of the most popular names at the moment within quality designer furniture is Ikea. Based in Sweden, they’ve got a significant amount of quality home furnishings awaiting everyone who wants to jazz up their style and make themselves much more comfortable moving forward when they enhance their homes.

With the help of the ideal furnishings save like this, you can easily make a huge difference to your opportunities of success in the future. They know what looks good and exactly what could fit with different styles, so you will have no problem discovering adjustable and effective designs that cover a whole different breed of quality looks, feels, and styles.

If you wish to make sure that things are going the way that you planned, then you will discover that going to a high-end furniture shop like this will assist you to find what you are searching for.
It is essential to find a shop that suits your cost, your design, and your aspiration and doing it through here will make a huge distinction simply due to the variety of choices available to anyone who is looking for elegant furniture.

One thing that you ought to focus on rather heavily, however, is the distance between yourself and the store. Do you have enough area in the car to get everything from point A to B? Work this out before you make any huge choices as it may only conserve you from making an overall mess of things and buying too much really to carry!

The Various Advantages of Installing Colorbond Fences

Colorbond is a particular kind of steel made by the largest steel maker in Australia, BlueScope. This type of steel is extensively made use of in Australia for over 40 years in various structure construction applications. Colorbond steel fencing has actually become fairly a widely known alternative to other versions of fencing products such as brick borders, wrought iron obstacles and wood paling.

It helps property owners deal with security and privacy concerns with utmost performance, making them ideal for front obstacles or side fences. This kind of wall matches different building and landscape designs with its contemporary and stunning appearance.

Here are a few of the many well-known advantages of using Colorbond fences.


an old iron fence with colorboundThis kind of steel fence is created specifically to endure the Australia’s hardest climate condition in. It is made from high quality galvanized steel covered with a durable and lasting colored surface. It is a waterproof and fireproof item that does not rot and can never be harmed by white ants or pests, making it the best choice to the typical materials of fencing which can wear quickly when exposed to different elements.

Service warranty

There is a 10-year producer’s guarantee Colorbond on steel makes offer on each and every rails, posts, and infill sheets of fences made from this specific type of steel. With this type of warranty, it makes great sense to consider this choice for both residential and commercial properties.

Large range of Colors

Colorbond steel offers you the option to select from 14 various colors of fencing to pick from. Colors consist of; Slate Grey, Merno, Primrose, Mist Green and Caulfield. You can also tastefully combine the post colors and rail with the sheet color’s infill if you desire a fence that is unique.


iron gate for securityAmongst the many other reasons why Colorbond fences are so popular is the design and design element. They give you so much to select from in regards to color, shape and design which means that you are bound to obtain the very best solution which will fulfill both your fencing and landscaping requirements. They look great in nearly any setting. With these fences, it does not truly matter which side you are on because there is generally no front or rear end. Both sides look excellent which would certainly make your neighbors delighted. This will ensure that there are no difficult negotiations with next-door neighbors over fencing that is shared.

Ultimate Security and Personal privacy

If you are searching for a method to secure your house and household from the spying eyes of the neighbors and particularly from various criminal elements, Colorbond fencing is the ideal obstacle to safeguard your family and your house. It will act as a considerable barrier without the vertical spaces of standard fencing choices.

Environment Friendly

Due to the fact that it is 100 % recyclable, making use of Colorbond steel for fencing likewise provides an environment-friendly choice. It likewise produces very little scrap upon setup, and the waste materials are entirely recyclable. And due to the fact that it is termite-proof, there will be no need to use poisonous chemicals for treatment.

These, amongst numerous, are simply some of the advantages of using domestic & commercial colorbond fences over other type of fencing. Decision? It’s worth every cent.

5 lessons learned from Window Security Screens

Window security screens are specifically designed to guarantee the safety of your apartment or house and create a sense of comfort without changing the concept of the interior design. Security screens are reliable and eco-friendly screen applications for windows for any house: office buildings, residential apartments, holiday homes and hotels and industrial premises.

A large number of benefits

FB PageSecurity screens for windows provide a remarkable level of protection against unfavorable weather conditions, outside heat, damaging UV rays, and undesirable pests that are well known to Western Australian inhabitants. Commercial flyscreens possess enterprise-wide color palette and are represented in the variety of models. The usage of write framing unifies the color palette with contrast and vibrancy. The specific design of security windows presupposes that the owner of the house can get easy access to the apartment in the case of emergency.

Window Security Screens are both cost-and energy-efficient. First, protective shields diminish outside heat, and this reduces the amount of money spent for energy and protects the furniture from severe damages. Second, window screens own multilayer series of security to prevent burglary. Safe latch release allows easy escape even for small children and senior adults in the case of emergency. Security shields allow effortless ventilation: one can open the window and let fresh air into the room whenever he wants without any intrusions into his privacy. If somebody stays away from home for a considerable period, window screens give the property and interior a high level of protection.

Relatively easy to install

door flyscreens installedThe process of installing security window screens is extremely easy and clean. You won’t suffer from unnecessary cleaning as after the ordinary wooden or plastic windows’ installation. Window security screens are powerful, durable and sustainable to corrosion process. The screens are the virtually invisible option, and they don’t prevent the house owner from enjoying the full spectrum of colors outside the window. As a rule, windows security products carry a warranty regarding the quality, defective workmanship, materials, and corrosion resistance for about five years. Thus, they are considered a smart financial investment.

Find more here

7 common misconceptions about home improvement

man painting his property fences

In most cases, you will not find a home that fits perfectly into your specifications. Whether you are building a new house, buying a home that was previously habited or renting a place, there are certain improvements you will need to carry out to ensure that the place is up to standards.
In this article, we are going to look at 7 top tips that will help you do home improvement with ease.

1. Design a work plan.

You will hate yourself if you attempt to carry out any project without detailed planning. This include cost, the material, the design you want to set up and time estimate. It is always advisable you plan before carrying out any home improvement project. After you come up with a design, allocate it sufficient funds and time (it is necessary to increase by 5% the time and cost to cater for the inevitable complications that are likely to arise)

2. Do not overspend on one project

Masters_Home_Improvement_store_at_Williams_LandingFor a perfect improvement, a home requires several projects to be carried on it. If you overspend on one project, you are likely going to lack funds for the next project implying that you cannot fully make that home the paradise you want. From step 1, (design work plan) you will know the projects that need a lot of money and those that need less. In this step, look at the value of the project that is taking the big portion of your finances. Is it long term or it will require frequent repair? Projects that require frequent repair should be allocated fewer funds. Those that can stay for years need to be concentrated on for once and for all.

3. Hire the best contractor

If you cannot DIY, you can opt for a contractor. However, Shoddy work that eats up lots of your ash regarding repairs is what you need to shun away from. Spending your money on an experienced, credible and certified contractor is a key tip for home improvement. You can search on the internet the various ways of identifying the best contractor for hire.

4. Set aside sufficient funds for the home improvement projects

It is not a wise idea to take big loans for home improvement since most of these projects are not money generating. They are not ROI projects hence you will need to set aside funds for the project without hope for returns. The best way to save money for such projects is by reducing daily home expenditures.

5. Opt to do it yourself

If you have few skills with small machine and tools, you can fix your home by yourself. This simple thing does not only save your money; but it is also a way of getting more attached to self-made improvements, trust me you will love it more.

6. Always begin with cheap and quick projects

It not as if you do not have a place to live, you only want to make it better. I can strongly advise you to tackle the cheap urgent projects that are necessary and are accomplishable. Ignoring such projects can affect you negatively especially when seasons change, and you are out of funds. Furthermore, they will make you see results faster hence motivate you to carry on with the improvements.

7. Make improvements that add significant value to the home

You call it home improvement because you want the home to look better. It directly implies that you should plan and implement projects that bring a difference to the home. The returns of the projects need to be noticeable and decent.

Factors That Affect Property Valuations

decorating your bathroom for added value

If you are selling your home, you will want to achieve as high an asking price as possible, and may be wondering which factors influence property valuations. When you chose to use licensed property valuation services someone comes to value your home, there are many factors to take into consideration, and many aspects that they will be looking at to come up with an asking price.


property with swimming poolOne of the top factors that affect the market value of a property is where it is located. A house that is located in a desirable area, perhaps on the seafront, close to a popular school or in a particularly affluent neighbourhood will be valued more highly than one in a less appealing part of town. There are other aspects of a location that affect asking price too, including local traffic problems, the tendency towards flooding or noise from nearby roads or rail lines.

Home Condition

Although a homeowner can do very little about the location of their property, they can influence the interior and exterior of their home. A home that is well presented, in a good state of repair, and nicely decorated will be valued more highly than one that needs a lot of work carried out. Recent upgrades also stand a homeowner in good stead of receiving a high valuation, which is why new kitchens and bathrooms are popular renovations.

Property Size

modern kitchensLarger homes are valued more highly than smaller ones, with the number of bedrooms and bathrooms being key. Homes that provide extra living space in the form of conservatories, studies or loft conversions will fare better when it comes to property valuation.


A home’s individual characteristics and features have a considerable impact on property valuations. Period features that have cared for raise values, and added extras such as double glazing and underfloor heating also influence values. Storage space is an important factor, and even the type of heating system that has been installed affects asking price.

Local House Prices

A real estate property valuer will also take into account the selling price of other local properties that are similar to your own, and take into account the demand for the area before finalising a market value for your home.

Is the Chinese real estate bubble about to burst?


Last week, the national Bureau of statistics announced that the real estate prices dropped in 70 major Chinese cities. On average, between February 2014 and February 2015, prices fell by 5.7%.

According to the Shanghai daily newspaper, several private surveys revealed that during the year, sales dropped by 11% in 48 cities across the country. In the first two months of the year, the government land sales collapsed by 36.2%.

In short, people no longer buy from property developers who consequently stopped purchasing land to the government. In a country where real estate accounts for 20% of the GDP and where housing is the main source of savings, this price drop could have a real impact on the world’s first economy.

In 2013, a study conducted by economist Gan Li showed that 65% of the savings of Chinese households were dedicated to real estate. In early 2014, M. Li said: “the current housing stock is enough for every household to own a home. However, each year we build approximately 15 million new houses and apartments. The Chinese real estate bubble will burst. But no one knows when.”

Property developers are highly indebted

Although the Chinese real estate crisis recalls the early days of the subprime crisis, there are notable differences. The Chinese usually buy their homes with cash and try to avoid getting into debt as much as they can. They have much less pressure to sell, unlike the Americans during the subprime crisis, who must pay off significant interests in addition to the capital.

On the other hand, the Chinese real estate bubble is probably bigger and not everything depends on the consumer. The debt burden of the Chinese consumers represented 23% of the GDP at the end of 2013, mostly for mortgage loans.

The prices of real estate in Chinese cities such as Shanghai or Beijing have been multiplied by 40% since 2009. HSBC compared the total value of residential housing to GDP and discovered that China had exceeded the level reached by the Japan in 1990, just before the bubble burst and the collapse of the real estate market.

At that time, residential real estate in Japan was worth 3.7 times its GDP. Hong Kong, which was 3 in 1997, and the United States about 1.7 in 2006 were pale in comparison.

The investigation of the Research Centre on Chinese household spending is quite instructive: in Chinese urban areas, more than one home out of five is vacant, with 49 million units sold, but vacant, and 3.5 million homes unsold. The proportion of apartments for rent in Shanghai, Beijing or Guangzhou is about 1 to 1000.

“Chinese property developers are mainly responsible for this real estate bubble”, said economist Richard Vague. According to him, “China has simply produced and built too much, thanks to over-investment in steel and cement companies. China has amassed the largest accumulation of bad debts in history.”

At the moment, the Chinese private debt is about 211% of the GDP. It is almost the same level observed before the bubble burst in Japan and a large part of this debt is based on real estate.

According to Richard Vague, “China could currently have from 1.75 to $ 3.5 trillion worth of toxic loans – a figure well above the $ 1.5 trillion of capital available to the entire Chinese banking system.”

Evergrande to be the first affected

As was the case with the US subprime in 2008, the housing bubble has greatly weakened some of the top property companies in China.

On 17 March, Evergrande Real Estate Group, one of the largest Chinese developers, obtained a $ 16 billion funding from large public banks as a rescue plan.

The $ 4.1 billion injected into Countrywide Financial by Bank of America in early 2008 seem very small in comparison. One can only hope that losses will not multiply in the same way as it did with Countrywide.

According to documents provided by the company in June 2014, Evergrande’s equity amounted to $ 15.74 billion. Therefore, without the $ 16 billion rescue plan, the company would have gone bankrupt.

Rumours claimed that Evergrande was unable to pay off its debt with one of its main construction contractors which stopped all activity afterwards. Analysts were speculating that to stay afloat, the company would sell all of its assets to 55% prior to the rescue plan.

As with Countrywide and Bank of America, Chinese banks have managed to plug the gaps, because property developers and construction companies are intertwined in a Ponzi scheme. If a chain link does not pay, the following will default.

The Chinese banking system and by extension, the Chinese regime, are both at the end of the chain. They are too big to fail and too big to consider a rescue.

How to prepare your financing file for funding?

get the right advisor for your real estate investment

Once the negotiations passed with your broker, this is what happens and you will have to make sure you are ready for it? How to prepare your record of funding? What are the requested documents? Simple questions to anticipate upon signing the deal!

We always prefer the stages of negotiation than paperwork stages. But what comes next is equally important and should not be overlooked. This will certainly prevent you from finding yourself in a compromising situation 2 weeks from the deadlines stipulated in your deal clauses to conclude your finance contract.

These steps and items that you will be asked must therefore be anticipated as soon as possible and no later than shortly after the signature of the deal.

Key steps to consider

To properly consider the thing, here is a presentation of the key steps once an agreement reached with your advisor being the bank or the dealer.

Your broker will search for you nearest agency you or your place of work, given that a dynamic agency is preferred.

A number of supporting documents will be asked to justify your situation.

Once your entitlement is full, your advisor will alert the real estate agency that the record has been deposited in the bank.

Your case then switches to the director of the banking agency associate, who shall give his decision.
Once the bank grants the loan, they will make a financing offer and send it to you by mail for signature. This offer may not be accepted in a legal deadline of 10 days. Once accepted and signed, you must return it to the Bank.

The Bank will transform the supply of finance that will be sent to the notary to prepare the case for the final sign.

Find your tenant before signing!

finding tenants when investing in real estateRecently, I experienced one of the many issues that real estate investors are facing: a bank saying no at the very last moment, a broker that turns his back. In short, when you are back to square one. In the meantime, my future apartment may not go back on the market for rent and also may not longer be what I hope it will be.


A few days ago my broker who I had been without news for a while called me: ‘I’m sorry but the bank finally refused to grant the loan. In a two weeks time frame the bank makes tells me NO and the broker has nothing to offer… Back to square one, after a month of hard bargaining, with as a result a month of offset to get the keys.

You should know that I had significantly reduced my expectations. So the signing was scheduled over a 3 weeks period… I returned with a month in addition to offset to obtain the keys…

Market not helping

The situation was even more critical as in some cities, the prices on the market are significantly higher at this time of the year.

I have therefore called my real estate agent to explain the situation, the offset of the date of signature, a terminating clause, etc. This is what I suggested:

  • Start by marketing the offer on the Internet.
  • Find the tenant before signing and even having the keys.

Result: we went to this solution, and 2 weeks after I had my future tenant! 🙂

Conclusion: do not wait to have the key to find your tenant! And don’t you miss twice as me, the tenant will not appreciate it!

Sell a Property Post Real Estate Crisis

The crisis has changed the behaviour of the Americans, more demanding and cautious with in regards to products and services and even when it is about in real estate because no sector is spared.

Gone are the trend of the sacrificial and the restriction. If at the highest point of the crisis the Americans tended to sacrifice their pleasure, nowadays, in the context of a timid out of crisis, they have found a way to make savings without depriving themselves.

The Internet as a Favourite Media

sales post real estate crisisPreviously considered to be the sole heaven of geeks, the Internet is now used by everyone. As a result, the Americans spend more time on social networks and forums to discuss the system and alternative ways to better manage their expenses.

In response to these behaviours, new services have emerged which have been upgraded. We now see plenty of carpooling or swapping website/platforms but also comparators to find the best price for almost every good or service.

Real Estate: The New Behaviour of The Sellers

Sell a property mostly happens only once in a lifetime (or almost). A multitude of questions come to mind at the time of sale process. Among these issues, the most common question:

“Should I opt for a sale between individuals or through a real estate agency?

The crisis and the Internet have pushed vendors to sell to individuals through specific websites to the detriment of real estate agencies often considered as more onerous and opaque in the way the handle their operations. Besides, some real estate agencies failed to embrace the digital era.

Contrary to what is commonly accepted as trey, platforms of sale between individuals can also destroy any hope of a healthy and serene sale. Using this type of website, people are often forced to make concessions: prudence is the key!

Comparing to these sites, selling through a real estate agency is a guarantee of tranquility if this agency is a good one. But where and how can you find a professional that will properly handle your real estate project? And then, how to easily compare different real estate agencies?

Real Estate Agencies Comparator

We said previously that the Americans spent more time on the Internet than ever in order to save money.

The new trend is to compare everything:

Which one is the cheaper?
Who offers what services?
Who is the most effective or just the best?

So why not create a comparator to compare real estate agencies? With such a tool a seller could instantly find for free a local estate agency that matches his project, all this according to the criteria that seem to be most relevant to him:

• Types of properties (number of rooms, location, surface…)
• Age of the Agency
• Expert in a certain area
• Expert in sale
• Expert in rental
• Availability
• Deadline for sale

At the moment, those criteria are little or not available on real estate agencies’ websites. The real estate agencies comparator could highlight therefore and list agencies in the seller’s neighbourhood. Such a service would allow comparing the qualities of various real estate agencies about the sale of a specific property in order to find the best suited one.

Why you should setup a blog on your real estate website?

Real estate agencie’s professional blogs are designed for exchange and sharing. It is appropriate to publish regularly qualitative and informative articles on your realty market news; This will bring a real added value for your agency. Your blog will enrich your website and highlight your ads.

Which benefits for your agency?

-It is an excellent mean of communication

maintain a real estate seo blogA blog allows above all to communicate about your agency, your values, goods and services that you provide local news for your job, etc. You care for your image and are looking to back up your experience and knowledge on your geographical location and your target. The prospect thus ensures your expertise. Reassured, he is more inclined to trust you to accompany him in his real estate project.

-It improves significantly the SEO of your website

Another indisputable plus of a real estate blog is the search engine optimization of your website. By creating links between your site and your blog, you inevitably increase the number of your visitors, while facilitating the path to search engines like Google.

-It adds value to your social networks

Through the promotion of your articles on social networks, location sharing and rally around common interests, you will attract interested readers seeking information on real estate news. These prospects will thus discover your blog, so your website and inevitably your ads; It is a virtuous circle!

What you should do and not do on your blog

It is particularly nice for a reader to learn about its market news without feeling the weight of a commercial speech: therefore adopt a more informative than promotional tone.

It is also recommended to write and publish articles on a regular basis, to retain your customers and increase the number of visits. In addition, Google don’t like static sites much! Instead, they favour dynamic sites that publish lots of quality content. However be careful to never focus on the quantity but rather on the quality!

Another mistake to avoid is to leave your realtor activity: your blog must remain professional and have a consistent editorial line. To be effective, your items must be unique and specialized: it is not recommended to introduce too generic topics such as bills, laws or trends in the real estate market in the US. We advise you to talk about your neighborhood, of local life (news and local interests), your activity, your price developments and the communities.

Finally and most importantly, avoid any form of duplicate content, which is to use some or all of the text from another web site or even a from a single article. It is considered an abusive SEO practice by search engines, and it is very badly seen by Internet users.

Facebook and Real Estate Agents

Five Tips to Maximize Your Visibility on Facebook

Facebook is increasingly used by real estate professionals. However, having your page on the social network is not enough, you need to know how to make it alive in order to get more visibility. Here are five tips to help you achieve this goal.

1. Publish Your Ads

Publishing some ads on your page will make it more alive and will allow you to reach a target of future potential buyers who may be more inclined to use Facebook for their real estate search than using more conventional means.

2. Share Some of Your Agency’s “Life” on Facebook

promote your ads through FBShould you need to humanize the image of your real estate agency, a Facebook page is a great way of doing so. And this through posting some photos of your team while working, sharing videos, anecdotes… It is a way to reassure the Internet users and show make them feel like they know you already, breaking the ice from the very beginning. You can also make you page more lively by using other media such as its Twitter or Youtube and to share some more information.

3. Share Local Information

The publication and sharing of information and news at a local dimension is essential not only to establish a better local brand image but also to maintain relations with your targeted potential clients. It is therefore important to regularly feed your page of targeted and relevant information that will affect the Facebook users and potential buyers.

4. Manage Your E-Reputation

Having a Facebook page can be double-edged for the e-reputation of your real estate agency. This social network indeed offers a high visibility and opens the door to many Internet users who can express their satisfaction but also their disappointment. If this is your case, you should take the time to respond to those negative comments instead of ignoring them. You should also put in place an active communication to turn those potentials detractors into satisfied customers and even future prescribers for your real estate agency”.

5. Increase Your Presence on the Internet

The more active is your Facebook page the more it will show on Google results when potential clients will search for your real estate agency. Indeed, the more you will be active on social media networks, the more you can benefit from those links and your real estate agency will have better ranking and appear in the first pages of search engines. This is also a good way to have as many links as possible from the first page of the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing.

Publish Your Real Estate Ads as Online Videos

video advertising for realtors

A new communication media is making the buzz in the real estate communication strategy as some professionals publish their ads in video format.

It is indeed easier for potential buyers to watch a short film on the property they are interested in rather than read a text description. In addition, images allow them to have a much more realistic vision of the places since they virtually visits them, without the need to actually go there.

This new marketing strategy is becoming more significant in the market since last year (2014). As a real estate expert, the video ads will soon enough become your favourite media to advertise and complement and enhance your real estate agent job. Among other things it will allow you to improve your ranking on search engines, plus you will be providing a quite trendy service that will modernize the image of your agency!

What Content for Your Videos

advertise through videoshomes listingDepending on your budget, you can call a professional videographer for more prestige or conduct the shooting yourself if you feel like recording images with your personal equipment, and even with your smartphone! Want to save some time and opt for a cheaper solution? We recommend you the generation of automatic videos, high quality service are available out there if you are willing to optimize your communication strategy: your photos are usually collected to create a nice slider with music and highlighted by a voice description, created directly from your description texts.

A video can take various forms: it may consist of a simple photo editing, enhanced by appropriate music and explanatory text, with your logo and slogan. The concept of virtual tour requires filming the property you want to highlight. A good image quality and good exposure are important for the property that you have on sale. Your customers will then enjoy a real 360 ° view, and visit the accommodation as if they were on the spot.

It is obviously possible to add stylistic effects to make your video more attractive such as colour filter, dynamic transitions, upbeat… so let your imagination and your creativity go wild while remaining professional. A bit of originality will be even more efficient to get real commercials for your products or your services.

In addition to the publication of ads, a video can be used to share certain information such as news about the real estate market, information or an announcement to make about the evolution of your agency. Also very trendy, institutional videos are very liked by companies and even more appreciated by their customers or future customers. A short movie presents and promotes your agency, its values, its staff…

Make sure you are found on Youtube

homes listingsIn addition to being a highly effective communication media, the video is a great way to do SEO. Indeed, Youtube is the second most used search engine in the world, after Google. Its use becomes essential to a good marketing strategy. The ideal is to create a Youtube Channel, it means a page dedicated to your agency, with its name, its logo, its location and why not a brief description… All your videos will thus collected on a single platform, and classified according to their content.

The words are very important in search engine optimization: so carefully choose the title and description of your videos. The objective of the search engine is to conduct the customers or prospect to the content that meets their needs. Also the keywords (or tags) that you will use should be as close as possible to the vocabulary used by the potential customers in its application. In addition, choose generic words will affect a larger target. A good title as “sale apartment 3 rooms in Nice” will attract the client to your content, and therefore towards your real estate agency.

Another important point: users have the opportunity to comment on the videos published on Youtube. Your chain will have a real power to social network. So be vigilant to what it says on your content to preserve your brand image.

What Benefits for Your Real Estate Agency?

Audio-visual communication promotes a better understanding of the message you want to convey. A video is more attractive and pleasant to look at, and it allows a good SEO. In addition, clients are more tend to recommend your business on social networks than anywhere else by sharing your video.

In summary, here are the advantages to publish your adverts in online video:

· A more relevant presentation of your product or service

· Fewer visits that do not convert

· Optimum development

· A modern image for your agency

· SEO friendly

· International visibility

· More traffic on your channel and your website

In short, what you have to do next is communicate more!

We highly recommend this video :