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Graydon Manor is dedicated to helping the community and treating children and adolescents with serious emotional problems, while at the same time helping their families. Founded in 1957 as an inpatient treatment program by parents of children with special needs, Graydon Manor now provides a growing continuum of services. Graydon Manor began as, and remains, a private nonprofit organization.


Douglas McKay

Douglas McKay – Director

Graydon Manor was established by parents so that care could be provided for their children who had special needs. This was in 1957 and as a result of their efforts, thousands of people’s lives have been touched by the Graydon program. Indeed, one of the founders remains active on the Board of Directors. Treatment of youngsters and assistance to their families has been and remains the primary mission of the organization.

We have recently shifted ou focus to training and raising awareness in our community!

Some thirty five years ago, I came to Graydon Manor as a staff psychologist. Since 1969, it has been my privilege to serve as Executive Director. Over the years, much has changed in the methods employed to assist youngsters in developing more satisfying and productive ways of going about their lives. While technical developments have been substantial, they are only effective when carried out in the context of a caring environment.

Clinical sophistication abounds at Graydon Manor and it is absolutely necessary, given the severity of the youngsters presenting problems, that this be the case. However, I would like to think that the most significant characteristic of our program is the remarkable dedication and longevity of our staff. Whether you are a parent, a referring professional, or an individual interested in the welfare of youth, you can take comfort, as I do, that 35 of our care givers have been with us for over 10 years. This amounts to 25% of our total number of employees. The administrative staff averages over seventeen years of service with the organization.

Over the years, Graydon Manor has expanded the services offered in response to recognized community needs. The inpatient program began in 1957, outpatient services were added in 1982, the therapeutic day school program was added in 1997, and in-home services started in 2000. Planning and development is now underway for a therapeutic group home. By undertaking home improvement projects in the local community, we make sure children are getting time off their treatment and find a goal in their own personal life.

We will continue in our efforts to bring quality care to a most deserving group of children, adolescents, and their families.


Graydon Manor is historically one of Loudoun County’s largest employers, with over one hundred thirty people in a variety of professional, para-professional, and support positions, including:

  • Social Workers & Psychologists
  • Group Counselors (Child Care Workers)
  • Teachers & Classroom Counselors
  • Psychiatrists & Nurses
  • Recreation & Expressive Therapists
  • Secretarial & Administrative Assistants
  • Food Service & Maintenance Personnel
If you are interested in discussing current and projected openings, contact the Personnel Manager at Graydon Manor.

For our Youth, you can find anything related to our training on the blog page!

Douglas McKay

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