New Technology for the Building Industry – Drones

uavs applications for the construction industry

Human relations are at the heart of engineering and construction, with projects involving many stakeholders.

Process optimization and digital tools can not replace men. Nevertheless, they can improve quality, optimize costs, reduce safety risks and facilitate decision-making.

To achieve these goals, drones are an increasingly attractive option for businesses out there!

Their level of automation makes it possible to reach areas previously inaccessible while processing a large amount of data quickly. However, the range of tasks that drones can perform is much greater.

Many UAV experts have studied all possible applications of drones in the engineering and construction sectors. And for what added value?

Drones can have different forms, offer various levels of control and provide various loading capacities. There are many types of different uses. Drones are equipped with intelligent stabilization systems and can carry sensors with multiple functions. The most common use is undoubtedly capturing images with high-definition videos and ultra-precise photographs.

Drones can also carry many sensors to collect as much information as possible about the places they are flying over, increasing the number of their applications but also the value generated for the company.

What added value can drones bring to engineering and construction companies?

drone operator on a building siteToday, drones are no longer limited to commercial activities and offer many possibilities. The range of potential applications is wide, and drones are disruptive opportunities for companies in the engineering and construction sectors. Thanks to their sensors, they can drastically extend the field of human operations, while increasing the analytical and forecasting capabilities of a company.

These capabilities offer key benefits such as reduced costs, better risk assessment, and improved quality: a real competitive advantage is possible for companies that adopt them.

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Repairing and Replacing your Gutters is Vital for Your Home

a gutter contractor on the job

You’ve heard the adage: ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ The words are usually uttered to prevent unnecessary damage being done to something that already works. It is the tendency of some to avoid getting things fixed because of a desire not to upset the apple cart – to free the head of concerns and worries that might otherwise be forgotten. But some things are overlooked to the disadvantage of those who would pursue a worry free lifestyle.

Replacing gutters is an important project that requires time, effort and money. Irrespective of the investment that you have to put it, it is better to replace an ineffective rainwater draining system with a better one. It will save you money in the long run as your home’s foundations will be protected entirely from the harmful effects of rainwater.

When is gutter replacement necessary?

roofing and guttering go togetherGutter replacement is much needed when breaks, holes, and leakages can be found in your roofing system. These are sometimes difficult to notice, so it is essential for you to scrutinize the system every time you clean it.

Any problems with the gutter fasteners may also require the replacement of the entire system. A system with drain channels that have been misaligned and that are not leveled properly due to damage or other reasons will most likely require replacement.

It is true that most of these issues can be fixed with repairs, but it in most cases repairs is just a temporary solution. You should make some calculations, but usually, routine repairs cost more than a single replacement of the system. At the same time, the new system should provide better protection.

What Are The Best Gutters Currently Available On The Market?

You should choose between traditional open gutters and cover drains first. The first option will usually be cheaper, but then you will have to invest in a gutter mesh system if you do not have one or your old one is not working.

Covered systems, on the other hand, offer active protection from clogging from the start, but they are often harder to clean, to maintain and to repair. Use this roof gutter calculator to prepare for your renovation job.

a gutter diagramRegarding material, the steel and copper models are the sturdiest and most durable. They are the most expensive, but they will last for long. Aluminum models are a good choice because they have excellent protection from rusting. However, they are not as sturdy as their other metal counterparts. Vinyl systems are the least expensive. They are weather resistant and durable, but more prone to damage.

How Much Will It Cost To Replace Gutters?

The prices of gutters range from as little as $5 to as much as $30 per square foot depending on the type and material. You can readily calculate how much you will pay given your chosen type of system, given that a typical house needs between 150 and 250 feet of guttering. The cost of professional installation varies considerably depending on a lot of factors, so you may want to shop around and compare quotes to find the most affordable deal. Check how much you will pay for having the old system removed and the new one installed.

To find the most affordable service in Western Australia, make sure you visit

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China: battle against real estate bubbles

The new boss of the Chinese bank regulator system assured that China wants to tackle property speculation and unregulated finance by clearing the regulatory “chaos” that has fueled the surge of an uncontrollable debt.

The bank’s primary mission should be to “support the real economy,” said Guo Shuqing, chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Authority (CBRA) for three days at a press conference.

“Commercial banks must tackle zombie companies, which are the origin of the problem, and actively explore ways to address debt problems,” he said.

During years, real estate speculation has led to a downward spiral of housing price surge, unplanned construction sites and empty houses in what is known as China’s “ghost cities”. In a 2015’s post, we were already talking about the Chinese housing bubble and its potential burst. 2 years later, the government regulations to cool down the property market seems to show positive results.

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