How Drones Are Shifting the Game in Real Estate

aerial view of a residential area

The utilisation of drones provides a completely new way of showing off sprawling properties. Using drones in real estate is quickly gaining prominence in many countries around the world. Part of the reason for this development is the fact that drone photography is cheaper compared to the next inexpensive alternative — the use of helicopters. Furthermore, it is easier to implement regarding both planning and logistics.

Undeniably, drone technology provides a tremendous opportunity for businesses in real estate as well as the broader economy. With new models such as the drone DJI Phantom 4 coming to the market, realtors now have plenty of opportunities without having to go pro.

It Is All About the Magical Nature of Aerial Photography

gives you a great angle of vision on the lake behindCurrently, it is believed that most real estate agents are utilising drone without the formal approval of government agencies. A rich industry surely exists of some third parties that work with commercial clients to not only produce but also leverage drone photography.

For sure, using a drone to market residential and commercial real estate might still be in its infancy, at least in many countries. Nevertheless, industry observers are of the opinion that the utilisation of this technology as one of the most efficient competitive tools is almost on the verge of taking off. One of the obvious uses of UAS (unmanned aerial system) or drones is to come up with brand new ways to market properties.

How and Why Drones are being Utilised in Real Estate

For professionals in real estate, drones boast some applications that could enhance different aspects of a business drastically. The use of this technology serves to improve and elevate the ability of real estate professionals to market property listings. Waterfront properties, listings with big acreage, and large properties are some kinds of features that are ideally suited for drone technology. Moreover, using drones is a more cost-efficient and faster method of getting high-quality aerial images compared to traditional methods.

Drones will most likely play a huge role in real estate services like property management, mapping, appraisals, roof inspections, as well as insurance inspections.

Making Drones Accessible

house shot from the entrance

So what is halting the extensive use of drones in real estate amongst realtors and brokers? The main reason that most professionals in real estate are not using UAS is the complicated nature or process of obtaining permission to use the technology. In the United States for example, the FAA continues to work on the integration of drones into the National Airspace System. The authorities do not allow wide-scale commercial utilisation of drones. However, the FAA has come up with some waiver process for businesses and individuals that are interested in utilizing drones for commercial purposes.

Uses of UAS in Real Estate Might Be More Than People Realize

To many people, drones are only popular or handy in military operations/applications. However, for real estate agents, drone photography might show prospective buyers an array of details that include:

  • Surveys
  • Property maps
  • LIDs (Local Improvement Districts) and civic developments that the property taxes of a buyer might contribute to
  • The surrounding and neighbourhood area, comprising of the proximity of a home to amenities
  • Whatever a drive home or children’s walk to their school looks like
  • Encompassing aerial views of an entire land or property
The Affordable Nature of Drones Elevated Imagery

great shots with drones in real estateA good number of real estate agents normally obtain elevated photography through utilising helicopters and aeroplanes — which is highly expensive. It can cost thousands of dollars per every flight. Additionally, it can limit the property numbers one affords to shoot. This is not the case with drones. In fact, UAS can hugely bring down the cost of shooting elevated imageries. Viable models usually begin at just a few hundreds of dollars. What is more, is that camera attachments are equally moderately priced? They enable users to handle their aerial footage on much more listings.

Based on the setup of your equipment, UAS can shoot video, stills, or even both. You can easily edit and share videos using several tools, without vast experience or expertise. All you need is your cool head and a steady hand. Hiring a professional pilot isn’t necessary. Simply put, using drones in real estate is highly affordable.

According to many realtors, currently, they might not be using video drones. Nevertheless, they plan on using them in future. In fact, the use of drones in real estate has a very bright future. There is no doubt about that.

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