Publish Your Real Estate Ads as Online Videos

video advertising for realtors

A new communication media is making the buzz in the real estate communication strategy as some professionals publish their ads in video format.

It is indeed easier for potential buyers to watch a short film on the property they are interested in rather than read a text description. In addition, images allow them to have a much more realistic vision of the places since they virtually visits them, without the need to actually go there.

This new marketing strategy is becoming more significant in the market since last year (2014). As a real estate expert, the video ads will soon enough become your favourite media to advertise and complement and enhance your real estate agent job. Among other things it will allow you to improve your ranking on search engines, plus you will be providing a quite trendy service that will modernize the image of your agency!

What Content for Your Videos

advertise through videoshomes listingDepending on your budget, you can call a professional videographer for more prestige or conduct the shooting yourself if you feel like recording images with your personal equipment, and even with your smartphone! Want to save some time and opt for a cheaper solution? We recommend you the generation of automatic videos, high quality service are available out there if you are willing to optimize your communication strategy: your photos are usually collected to create a nice slider with music and highlighted by a voice description, created directly from your description texts.

A video can take various forms: it may consist of a simple photo editing, enhanced by appropriate music and explanatory text, with your logo and slogan. The concept of virtual tour requires filming the property you want to highlight. A good image quality and good exposure are important for the property that you have on sale. Your customers will then enjoy a real 360 ° view, and visit the accommodation as if they were on the spot.

It is obviously possible to add stylistic effects to make your video more attractive such as colour filter, dynamic transitions, upbeat… so let your imagination and your creativity go wild while remaining professional. A bit of originality will be even more efficient to get real commercials for your products or your services.

In addition to the publication of ads, a video can be used to share certain information such as news about the real estate market, information or an announcement to make about the evolution of your agency. Also very trendy, institutional videos are very liked by companies and even more appreciated by their customers or future customers. A short movie presents and promotes your agency, its values, its staff…

Make sure you are found on Youtube

homes listingsIn addition to being a highly effective communication media, the video is a great way to do SEO. Indeed, Youtube is the second most used search engine in the world, after Google. Its use becomes essential to a good marketing strategy. The ideal is to create a Youtube Channel, it means a page dedicated to your agency, with its name, its logo, its location and why not a brief description… All your videos will thus collected on a single platform, and classified according to their content.

The words are very important in search engine optimization: so carefully choose the title and description of your videos. The objective of the search engine is to conduct the customers or prospect to the content that meets their needs. Also the keywords (or tags) that you will use should be as close as possible to the vocabulary used by the potential customers in its application. In addition, choose generic words will affect a larger target. A good title as “sale apartment 3 rooms in Nice” will attract the client to your content, and therefore towards your real estate agency.

Another important point: users have the opportunity to comment on the videos published on Youtube. Your chain will have a real power to social network. So be vigilant to what it says on your content to preserve your brand image.

What Benefits for Your Real Estate Agency?

Audio-visual communication promotes a better understanding of the message you want to convey. A video is more attractive and pleasant to look at, and it allows a good SEO. In addition, clients are more tend to recommend your business on social networks than anywhere else by sharing your video.

In summary, here are the advantages to publish your adverts in online video:

· A more relevant presentation of your product or service

· Fewer visits that do not convert

· Optimum development

· A modern image for your agency

· SEO friendly

· International visibility

· More traffic on your channel and your website

In short, what you have to do next is communicate more!

We highly recommend this video :

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