Sell a Property Post Real Estate Crisis

The crisis has changed the behaviour of the Americans, more demanding and cautious with in regards to products and services and even when it is about in real estate because no sector is spared.

Gone are the trend of the sacrificial and the restriction. If at the highest point of the crisis the Americans tended to sacrifice their pleasure, nowadays, in the context of a timid out of crisis, they have found a way to make savings without depriving themselves.

The Internet as a Favourite Media

sales post real estate crisisPreviously considered to be the sole heaven of geeks, the Internet is now used by everyone. As a result, the Americans spend more time on social networks and forums to discuss the system and alternative ways to better manage their expenses.

In response to these behaviours, new services have emerged which have been upgraded. We now see plenty of carpooling or swapping website/platforms but also comparators to find the best price for almost every good or service.

Real Estate: The New Behaviour of The Sellers

Sell a property mostly happens only once in a lifetime (or almost). A multitude of questions come to mind at the time of sale process. Among these issues, the most common question:

“Should I opt for a sale between individuals or through a real estate agency?

The crisis and the Internet have pushed vendors to sell to individuals through specific websites to the detriment of real estate agencies often considered as more onerous and opaque in the way the handle their operations. Besides, some real estate agencies failed to embrace the digital era.

Contrary to what is commonly accepted as trey, platforms of sale between individuals can also destroy any hope of a healthy and serene sale. Using this type of website, people are often forced to make concessions: prudence is the key!

Comparing to these sites, selling through a real estate agency is a guarantee of tranquility if this agency is a good one. But where and how can you find a professional that will properly handle your real estate project? And then, how to easily compare different real estate agencies?

Real Estate Agencies Comparator

We said previously that the Americans spent more time on the Internet than ever in order to save money.

The new trend is to compare everything:

Which one is the cheaper?
Who offers what services?
Who is the most effective or just the best?

So why not create a comparator to compare real estate agencies? With such a tool a seller could instantly find for free a local estate agency that matches his project, all this according to the criteria that seem to be most relevant to him:

• Types of properties (number of rooms, location, surface…)
• Age of the Agency
• Expert in a certain area
• Expert in sale
• Expert in rental
• Availability
• Deadline for sale

At the moment, those criteria are little or not available on real estate agencies’ websites. The real estate agencies comparator could highlight therefore and list agencies in the seller’s neighbourhood. Such a service would allow comparing the qualities of various real estate agencies about the sale of a specific property in order to find the best suited one.

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