Steam cleaners and what they are built for


Cleaning using steam is a relatively new concept in the American market. In a world where chemical cleaning reigns with dominance, it can be hard for some people to change their perspective on what to use when cleaning.

But anyway, steam cleaning is just an innovative way of eliminating dirt and stains without using so much energy or potentially destroying fabric if used on clothes. You are wondering quel nettoyeur vapeur choisir en 2016? Read on.

Steam cleaners and how they work

This machine typically looks like a vacuum cleaner, and its primary purpose is to store vaporised water which can be used for both domestic and industrial cleaning.

This vapour is usually heated to a very high temperature, typically in the zone of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Steam cleaners place emphasis on cleaning using heat because heat has been shown to weaken the molecular bond between dirt and stains about the surface at which they are sticking on.


Mcculloch mc 1375 steamer

The second most important element which is used in steam cleaners is dry steam. Dry steam is achieved by heating water until it has assumed moisture form less steam. With dry steam, the operator can rub, wipe, and scrub with more ease compared to if they used chemicals to tackle the same job.

So, why would someone opt to use steam cleaning compared to traditional techniques of cleaning?

It has been shown that every hard surface has pores which can be used as routes to reach the dirt underneath. Now the good news is that steam is capable of penetrating the pores and reaching the embedded dirt with ease.

You can carry out a test to confirm the effectiveness of steam cleaning at home. In this test, you will use a micro fibre towel for regular cleaning and the machine as well. If you’re going to clean a counter-top for instance, you will wipe half of it with micro fibre towel and the other half with the steam cleaner.

Once the experiment is done, you can touch two surfaces to feel the difference. You will notice that the surface which was cleaned using steam is as smooth as silk compared to that which was cleaned using micro fibre towel. It probably shows that steam can be superior when used for purposes of cleaning.

So, what are the advantages so far?

We mentioned that steam could penetrate deep pores from the surface. But after this penetration, it also weakens the molecular bonds of dirt. It works the dirt molecules more thoroughly to achieve a level of cleanliness that is not possible with chemical cleaning.

And since you’re not using chemicals here, you will make your home safe for anyone who is sensitive to them. You can also help keep toxicity levels down especially if you have kids at home.

And perhaps the best of all is

steam tends to be a natural sanitizer and also deodorant agent. No germs, virus, mould, dust mite or any other tiny living organism can stand the high temperature in steam cleaning.
Also, it can be a great sanitizer if cleaning a home which had previously housed adults or kids with infection. It will render the home infection-free in a matter of minutes. That’s part of the idea when you see someone opting to use a steam cleaner instead of chemicals or any other method of cleaning.

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