Why you should setup a blog on your real estate website?

Real estate agencie’s professional blogs are designed for exchange and sharing. It is appropriate to publish regularly qualitative and informative articles on your realty market news; This will bring a real added value for your agency. Your blog will enrich your website and highlight your ads.

Which benefits for your agency?

-It is an excellent mean of communication

maintain a real estate seo blogA blog allows above all to communicate about your agency, your values, goods and services that you provide local news for your job, etc. You care for your image and are looking to back up your experience and knowledge on your geographical location and your target. The prospect thus ensures your expertise. Reassured, he is more inclined to trust you to accompany him in his real estate project.

-It improves significantly the SEO of your website

Another indisputable plus of a real estate blog is the search engine optimization of your website. By creating links between your site and your blog, you inevitably increase the number of your visitors, while facilitating the path to search engines like Google.

-It adds value to your social networks

Through the promotion of your articles on social networks, location sharing and rally around common interests, you will attract interested readers seeking information on real estate news. These prospects will thus discover your blog, so your website and inevitably your ads; It is a virtuous circle!

What you should do and not do on your blog

It is particularly nice for a reader to learn about its market news without feeling the weight of a commercial speech: therefore adopt a more informative than promotional tone.

It is also recommended to write and publish articles on a regular basis, to retain your customers and increase the number of visits. In addition, Google don’t like static sites much! Instead, they favour dynamic sites that publish lots of quality content. However be careful to never focus on the quantity but rather on the quality!

Another mistake to avoid is to leave your realtor activity: your blog must remain professional and have a consistent editorial line. To be effective, your items must be unique and specialized: it is not recommended to introduce too generic topics such as bills, laws or trends in the real estate market in the US. We advise you to talk about your neighborhood, of local life (news and local interests), your activity, your price developments and the communities.

Finally and most importantly, avoid any form of duplicate content, which is to use some or all of the text from another web site or even a from a single article. It is considered an abusive SEO practice by search engines, and it is very badly seen by Internet users.

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